The INTERNET, simplified

The internet is one of the most profound evolutions in the history of humankind. The only growing method of communication in today’s information driven world of commerce, education, and social interaction, the internet isn’t just for fun and games. We know that the Internet is a powerful tool that simplifies all of our lives. There are approximately 900 billion internet addresses with about 10,000 new addresses made each day. There are now more than 50 million registered .com addresses alone.

Experts agree, that within a few years, the internet will dramatically reduce, or replace most usage of the telephone book, the encyclopedia, and the mail. The rapid growth of internet search engines like MSN® and Google are proof of this trend.

Do you want to be found by people who search on the internet? If your answer is yes, now is the time to join this communication revolution with a web site which introduces your group, company, or organization to the world wide web.

Who We Are is an Earl Park, Indiana based full service web site design, development, and hosting company. Offering complete web site development services, including logo and graphic design.

We are a family owned small business built around small town culture. We understand that creating a web site can be intimidating. This newer technology may be unfamiliar to many people.

There are many questions and concerns for someone who is contemplating a web site. Who will host my web site? Who will maintain it? How much will it cost? After it is finished, how do I update my web site? Will I be able to speak to a human in the USA when I have problems?

The answer to all of these questions is simple; Prairienerds.

We are the web site builders, we are the hosting company, we own and share with our customers a powerful and reliable dedicated server. We are the ones who assist you when you have a question or problem.

Small business owners understand their business, and we understand how to help small businesses enter the world of internet commerce. Our mission is to assist our customers in taking this important step into the future. Together we can build your dream website, taking your original ideas and helping you to present them in a manageable and stylish way.

We make it fast, easy and affordable.

"It really is that simple"

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